Uma Outra Bela Adormecida is a play based on a short story written by the Portuguese writer Agustina Bessa-Luis. This adaptation was co-created by the actress Beatriz Brás, the composer Martim Sousa Tavares and me. The original text was a retelling of the fairy tale The Sleeping Beauty while at the same time being an essay on the way stories shape our perception of trauma.
Following the duality of style present in the original, we decided to approach this adaptation in the same way: the text and image would follow different paths throughout the play. So, instead of using video as an illustrative tool, I decided to guide the public through a physical and sensory experience, creating a sort of material rider. The videos made for this project were the consequence of the following leading principal: At this specific moment of the play, what is the textural signature that the story suggests.
Photos by Enric Vives-Rubio

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